Bielany Wroc.

26000capacity for palettes
9300 m2 area

Kostrzyn Wlkp.

15000capacity for palettes
12000 m2 area
  • electronically controlled monitoring system of temperature and humidity with data archiving, with temperature range from +12°C to +18°C
  • fire alarm system: temperature sensors, rack sprinklers, smoke vents
  • monitoring and alarm system supervised by 24-hour security service
  • integrated air handling and air conditioning unit
  • high storage racks system
  • automated ramps for loading and unloading equipped with air doors
  • modern internal transport
  • alternative power systems: power generator maintaining full efficiency and availability of all logistics processes.


The Company Colian Logistics has in its offer modern warehouses:

  • In Kostrzyn Wielkopolski — 15,000 pallet holding positions and 12,000 square metres of space
  • In Bielany Wrocławskie — 26,000 pallet holding positions and 9,300 square metres of space
  • In Kalisz — 5,000 pallet holding positions and 4,000 square metres of space
  • In Piątek Mały — 5,000 pallet holding positions and 4,000 square metres of space
  • In Lublin — 7,000 pallet holding positions and 4,000 square metres of space
  • In Wykroty — 3,000 pallet holding positions and 2,000 square metres of space

storage services

All processes within the warehouse are carried out via handheld and forklift terminals, which minimize errors during the order execution process.

Within the warehouse services we offer:

  • deliveries loading and unloading
  • short- and long-term goods storage
  • order-picking
  • packaging
  • quantity and quality control of the goods during the storage process
  • film application, labelling, securing the packages for transport purposes
  • handling returns and complaints
  • management of returnable packaging
  • carrying out stocktaking of the entrusted goods according to the instructions and arrangements of the ordering party. Stocktaking processes are fully automated thanks to system terminals.


All logistics processes are supervised by highly qualified staff having many years of experience in transport, forwarding and logistic industry. We execute several thousand orders per month for all retail chains, hyper- and supermarkets, wholesale stores and individual customers.

Our work is supported by integrated system of ERP, SAP WM class.

The system enables more efficiency of logistics processes and adapting them to Customer’s needs through:

  • management of stock, stock level, goods localisation
  • reservation of stock
  • availability controls
  • lots management, management of expiration dates, product identification
  • electronic data exchange with the customers and detailed reporting to customers
  • tracking the stage of parcel preparation
  • using logistics labels
  • the possibility of using the following methods: FEFO, FIFO, LIFO